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If you want to bring in a second layer to be used within Silhouette, select it from the Background selector in the After Effects Effect Controls Window. The next time you enter Silhouette, you can view this layer by choosing View > Background.
When you finish painting and return to After Effects or Final Cut Pro, your screen will be black if you haven't drawn any shapes. This is because Silhouette, by default, creates a black Alpha channel if no shapes are drawn. If you want to see your paint...
If at any time you need to re-edit your shapes in Silhouette, click on Options in either the After Effects Effect Controls window or the Final Cut Pro Filters window.
If the shapes were created in After Effects and imported into Silhouette, you can experience problems upon export to the Shake or gMask formats. AE has an option called Preserve Constant Vertex Count Option in the General Preferences dialog. Make sure thi...
The Background clip can't be viewed or used if it is a different resolution than the Foreground clip.